It was exciting to see how many people joined us for the devotion this morning! During the next three weeks we are sharing scriptures from Romans that clearly lay out the plan of salvation. The verses are Romans 8:38-39, 3:23, and 5:8. Join us in praying that those who hear these powerful words will come to know Christ as Savior.

Each week, we desire to share Christ’s love with those we serve. This comes in many forms—calling each person by name, offering a hug or handshake, serving homemade food, refilling coffee or orange juice, following up on prayer requests. All of these gestures are good, but lately God has really been impressing upon me the importance of sharing the gospel at every opportunity. This is not an easy thing; it feels awkward and uncomfortable. However the gospel is the reason for Grace’s Kitchen and, truly, the purpose of our lives as believers. (This blog post offers exhortation and encouragement.)

I have found that asking a person with whom I’m speaking to tell me about his or her relationship with Jesus is a good entry point. This week I had a conversation with a woman named Anne, who has been homeless since the death of her mom from cancer a few years ago. Anne suffers from depression and paranoia but refuses to take medication because it makes her drowsy and she is fearful of being jumped on the streets if she falls asleep. Heartbreaking! As I listened to her story, the Spirit compelled me to ask about her relationship with Christ. Anne told me that Jesus is her “everything!” We prayed together that God would show Himself to her and that He would strengthen her in the face of great trials.

My conversation with Anne about Christ was a positive experience. But in previous weeks, I have asked the same question and received a much different answer. No matter the response from the person, though, the door to a spiritual conversation is opened. I am not always obedient to the prompting of the Spirit, but my prayer is that I will stop hesitating and obey. The gospel is powerful—it is only through the saving grace of Jesus Christ that any of us will live. Pray that we will not be ashamed and will boldly share the gospel in the park and with all who cross our path. Soli Deo Gloria!