I have been absent from the park for two weeks and it is amazing the perspective I have after being away from it for a while. Today I felt so privileged to be back at the park and able to serve the friends I know there. It makes a difference that our team goes weekly because people notice and remember. Consistency is important and seeing people as individuals is as well.

Today, a man and his wife asked me to pray over her because she has been ill. She is very scared to go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with her. It was a privilege to pray for her, but I so desire that this couple understand that they, too, can approach God in prayer and that He understand every details of their lives. As volunteers we are no better than the people we serve. We all have a God who knows our names and sees, hears, and understands what we are going through.

The song we sang in our devotion time is special to me because it says exactly what we so desperately want the people in the park to know: “You alone can rescue, You alone can save, You alone can lift us from the grave…” I am thankful that God rescued me and long to see others have this same experience.